Global Warming

Global Warming Greenhouse

Global Warming is the name given to the phenomenon where by green house gasses caused by mankind are making their way into the atmosphere and causing an increase in temperatures world wide.  The earth has always experienced temperature changes that would not be considered the same causes as Global Warming like the ice age and the little ice age.  Many individuals and organizations believe that we must make changes in our lifestyles and businesses in order to slow down global warming or we may suffer a catastrophe.  They believe the world will lose many species that need a specific temperature to survive, leading to a chain reaction that would radically change the world as we know it.  The first place we would see the changes from global warming is in the oceans, where many species live and die with in the span of a few degrees.  These changes have been measured over the course of about a century with the changes being slower at the beginning of the century and speeding up by the end of the century.  This increase in velocity over the last few years has scientists more concerned than anything.  If global warming continues at the same pace it has been at, or if it increases its velocity.  The consensus is that we need to change and quickly to avert a potential disaster. 

Global Warming Chart

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