San Jose Real Estate

San Jose real estate is located in Silicon Valley in northern California.  Its real estate is very expensive compared to most of the United States.  It is however much lower than real estate in some of the surrounding areas. Like Palo Alto, Menlo Park or Mountain View.  San Jose CA Homes For Sale has many fancy areas like Willow Glenn, Silver Creek, Evergreen and the down town area.  San Jose homes for sale com in many varieties. There is some lower priced San Jose real estate like in the east and central parts of the city.  These lower priced areas have been hit the hardest by the price declines we have seen since the real estate boom in San Jose real estate at the beginning of this century.  San Jose is some of the most expensive California real estate because of the businesses that thrive in Silicon Valley.  The area is full of technology and biotechnology companies such as Microsoft, EBay, Cisco, and of course Google.  These companies and their brethren affect San Jose Homes For Sale because they create high paying local jobs.  These companies not only give their employees more money with which to purchase housing but they also bring job seekers and other companies to the area.  San Jose Real Estate is located about 100 miles away from the states capital which is located on Sacramento Real Estate.  The difference in the way these two markets in the same state act is staggering. 

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